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  3. Anatolian hypothesis - Wikipedia

    • The Anatolian hypothesis, also known as the Anatolian theory or the sedentary farmer theory, first developed by British archaeologist Colin Renfrew in 1987, proposes that the dispersal of Proto-Indo-Europeans originated in Neolithic Anatolia. It is the main competitor to the Kurgan hypothesis, or steppe theory, the more favoured view academically.
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  4. Afroasiatic languages - Wikipedia

    • Afroasiatic, also known as Afrasian and in older sources as Hamito-Semitic or Semito-Hamitic, is a large language family of about 300 languages. It includes languages spoken predominantly in West Asia, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and parts of the Sahel. Afroasiatic languages have over 495 million native speakers, the fourth largest number of any language family. The phylum has six branches: Berber, Chadic, Cushitic, Egyptian
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  5. From Three Possible Iron-Age World-Systems to a

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    From Three Possible Iron-Age World-Systems to a Single Afro-Eurasian World-System Philippe Beaujard Journal of World History, Volume 21, Number 1, March 2010, pp. 1

  6. Time Depth 1 Review of Time Depth in Historical ...

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    Time Depth 2 Review of Time Depth in Historical Linguistics, edited by Colin Renfrew, April McMahon, and Larry Trask Time depth in historical linguistics.

  7. Dating the Origin of Language Using Phonemic Diversity


    This idea is consistent with the fact that the average phonemic diversity of Afro-Asiatic, Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan languages is 36, 33, and 29 respectively, while the average phonemic diversity of African languages outside these families is 75.

  8. Wool, Wheels, and Proto-Indo-European - Erenow


    Language and Time 2: Wool, Wheels, and Proto-Indo-European - Language and Archaeology - The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World - by David W. Anthony

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  10. The First Ancient Greeks Were Black! - LinkedIn


    2/11/2015 · This is fine Geometric Style piece dating to the "Dark Age" period of Greece note ... (Note the Afro hairstyle worn by the Mycenaeans) ... Dr. C. Renfrew hypothesized that the Indo-Europeans lived ...